Repurpose your video Content

Revamp Your Content for TikTok, Stories, Reels, and Blog with Redmatic’s Smart Repurposing.

With just a few clicks, you can extract multiple pieces of engaging content from your podcasts, lectures, webinars, and YouTube videos. Redmatic’s intelligent system even generates quote cards from your transcribed content, adding a new dimension to your social media posts.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention With Redmatic:

By using Redmatic’s transcription feature, you can quickly select the most engaging parts of your video and transform them into multiple formats that suit each platform’s unique requirements. You’ll be able to create tailored content that resonates with your audience on every platform.

How to Repurpose Your Video Content with Redmatic

Upload your video and generate accurate transcription

Simply upload your video content to Redmatic and let its AI generate an accurate transcription of the audio. This will help you quickly and easily edit your videos to fit any format.

Export  or schedule your repurposed content for maximum impact

 You can share the content clips directly to your social networks or share them online via a link. You can also embed the videos into your blog content or you can schedule your repurposed content to be added to your social platform at the best time for your audience. 

Edit your video based on transcribed audio

Using the transcribed audio, you can easily edit your video content with Redmatic. Cut out any unwanted parts of the video, or select parts of the video you want to repurpose and adjust the aspect ratio from portrait to vertical or vice versa.

Our expert tool makes repurposing a breeze and should be a crucial part of every marketing strategy. Not only will it save you time and resources, but it will also help you grow your channels without the need to create new content from scratch.

Don’t let your valuable content go to waste! Embrace the power of repurposing and watch your social media channels soar to new heights.

Transform your content with accurate transcriptions & subtitles from Redmatic's innovative speech-to-text technology.







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