Achieve human level accuracy & robustness

Redmatic AI’s large and diverse dataset allows you to accurately transcribe, create subtitles, translate websites, and repurpose your audio/video. With over 50 languages fully supported.

Fast, Accurate & Automated Transcriptions

Transcribing audio or video content can be a tedious task. But with Redmatic’s rich speech-to-text technology, you can kiss those headaches goodbye. With 50+ languages supported, you can transcribe anything from your weekly meetings sections to your favorite podcasts and lectures.

Redmatic’s in-browser editor makes transcribing a breeze. You can quickly edit, search, organize, export, and share your transcripts from anywhere on any device. It’s like having a personal transcriptionist right at your fingertips.

Your AI Personal Transcriptionist

Transcription Made Easy with Redmatic’s Speech-to-Text Technology

Whether you’re a filmmaker, podcaster, teacher, or just someone who needs to transcribe content, Redmatic’s got you covered. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to the old-fashioned way of transcribing again.

AI-Powered Website Localization



Plug & Play

That seamlessly integrates & works with any type of website - CRM, Blogs, eCommerce store, SaaS.


Single Line of Code

Copy, paste, and let Redmatic AI auto-update your website content in real-time. No more manual translations.


Measurable Results

- Stay ahead of the curve - Saving you hours of work - SEO-friendly translation - Higher non-local users' usage.


Repurpose long-form videos into bite-sized pieces and schedule their release

Transform your lengthy videos into succinct and engaging content with Redmatic. Easily extract numerous pieces of content from your podcasts, interviews, lectures, webinars, long videos, live streams, and YouTube videos.

Quickly generate a backlog of context-rich content for weeks or months ahead. Utilize Redmatic’s social media scheduling tool to publish and plan the distribution of your content, so it posts automatically at the desired time.

Redmatic also enables you to create quote cards from your transcribed content and plan their social media release.


Experience the future of content summarization 

Provide your audience with an inside look into the essence of your content. With Redmatic’s AI technology, you can quickly and accurately transform your lengthy data into concise, informative summaries. Additionally, this AI system can generate valuable insights and even keywords for optimizing your SEO ranking.



Smart Subtitle

"Accelerated Subtitling & Captioning". Our "burn-in" feature allows you to quickly and easily hard-code your subtitles directly into your video, making it accessible anywhere. Upgrade your subtitling process with Redmatic Smart Subtitles and Captions.

Automatic Captions

"Effortless Burn-in Subtitles". Transform your video content with the world's most advanced automated subtitling platform. Convert your files to professional-grade subtitles in mere seconds and customize them using the market's most advanced tools.


Multilanguage Support

"Expand Your Reach with Multilingual Content". By making your podcast, training, lectures, and other content available in multiple languages, you can expect a significant boost in engagement (up to 70%) and a three-fold increase in conversion rates.

35 languages Support

"Empower Your Audience with Redmatic AI Translation". Unleash the full potential of your content by using Redmatic AI to translate it into various languages. Let your listeners or viewers engage with your brand in their preferred language and make a deeper connection with your brand.


Auto Blog Post Generator

"Transform Your Podcasts, Videos, and Recordings into High-Ranking Blog Posts"

Bring your audio and video content to life with ease. Our AI will accurately transcribe your content and generate a blog post that is optimized for search engines.

Convert To Blog Posts

"Enhance Your Content with the Redmatic Editor".

Customize your generated blog post with our built-in editor. Add images, modify the text, and give your content the look and feel that you desire. With Redmatic, creating high-quality blog posts has never been easier.


Podcast Episode Collection

Boost Relevance with Curated Collections
Curate Collections of your podcast episodes and embed them directly or use Redmatic pages designed for your target audience. Connect your listeners immediately with content that aligns with their interests and preferences.

Create Podcast Pages

"Effortless Episode Navigation for You and Your Listeners"
Say goodbye to the hassle of manually searching through your feed for specific episodes. With Redmatic Podcast Pages, your episodes are easily accessible, saving you and your listeners time and effort.


Content Deep Search

In-Depth Searching at Your Fingertips
With Redmatic's deep search capabilities, finding specific keywords, phrases, or even spoken words within your audio or video content has never been easier. Our AI technology enables users to effortlessly search and find the information they need within your content.

Deep Search Capability

"Unlock the Power of Search" Enhance the discoverability of your transcribed content with Redmatic's AI search capability. Our AI-generated segments make the ideas discussed in your lectures, education, training, events, and videos instantly searchable and noticeable.


Fast content Editing

Edit with Ease, Like a Word Document
Our accurate transcription of your video into written text allows you to easily edit your content by simply editing the text. This method is not only easier and faster compared to traditional timeline editing, but it also saves you time and effort.

Edit Content Fast

"Instant Correction of Transcriptions and Translations"
If there are words that need correction in your transcription or translation, simply locate the words or sentences, make your edits, and recreate the video. What used to take hours of editing now only takes minutes and a few keystrokes with Redmatic.


Export Creatives

Easily access your transcribed, translated, and repurposed content in various formats. Simply click the download button and choose from a wide range of options including Word, PDF, SRT, VTT, STL, Avid markers, JSON, Final Cut Pro, HTML, XML, Excel, MP3, and more, all with an on-screen timestamp for added convenience.

Download Modified Content

With Redmatic, you can easily transform your transcribed audio or video content into various formats with just one click. The available formats include Word, PDF, SRT and VTT subtitles, .stl, Avid markers, JSON, Final Cut Pro, HTML with on-screen timestamps, XML, Excel, MP3, and more.


AI Generated Keywords

Maximize Your Content's Potential with Redmatic Keyword Extraction. Redmatic's automated keyword extraction process extracts the most relevant words and phrases from your transcribed content. This leads to improved SEO and higher ranking for your content.

Auto Keywords

Redmatic helps optimize your content for more keywords and higher search engine ranking. With Redmatic-generated keywords, your content is 10 times more likely to rank for more keywords and three times more likely to address the pain points of users compared to other SEO optimization platforms.


Embed & Protections

Dynamic Passwords and Embedding Restrictions Redmatic also allows you to create unique passwords for each viewer, as well as restrict the websites where your video content can be embedded. This further enhances the security and protection of your confidential information.

Secure & Embed Content

Limit Access with Geo-Restriction
Easily embed your audio and video content on your website or blog to make it more engaging and interactive for your audience. Redmatic also supports custom CNAME branding for your audio and video links, as well as custom landing pages & security.

Supported Languages

Use Redmatic AI to reduce time spent on manual tasks

Transform your content with accurate transcriptions & subtitles from Redmatic's innovative speech-to-text technology.







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