Frequently Asked Questions About Redmatic

What is Redmatic and what does it offer?

Redmatic is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of services, including automated transcription, subtitling, content repurposing, and multilingual support. It leverages advanced speech-to-text technology to help businesses and content creators streamline their workflow and reach a wider audience.

How can I use Redmatic?

It takes you just a few seconds and 2 easy steps. Copy the URL/link of your existing video content from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Any MP4 URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox, or upload, or record from your computer, and let Redmatic’s rich AI accurately transcribe, and add an interactive viewing experience that drives results & conversions.

What are the features of Redmatic?

These Redmatic features collectively empower content creators, podcasters, marketers, and businesses to streamline their content workflow, improve accessibility, expand their audience reach, and optimize their content for maximum impact.

  • Automated Transcriptions
  • Subtitling and Captioning
  • Content Repurposing
  • Multilingual Support
  • SEO Optimization
  • Fast Content Editing
  • Export Creatives
  • Podcast Episode Collection
  • Content Deep Search
  • AI-generated Keywords
  • Embedding Protections
  • AI-powered Website Localization
  • Brandable Video Player
  • Smart Subtitle and Captioning Tools

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How accurate are Redmatic's transcriptions?

Redmatic prides itself on achieving human-level accuracy in its transcriptions. The AI technology used by Redmatic is trained on a large and diverse dataset, enabling it to deliver highly accurate transcriptions across various languages and audio/video content types.

Can Redmatic translate my content into multiple languages?

Yes, Redmatic supports multilingual content translation. It allows you to easily translate your audio, video, or written website content into multiple languages, helping you reach a global audience and make a deeper connection with your target market.

Does Redmatic provide subtitles and captions for videos?

Yes, Redmatic offers accelerated subtitling and captioning services. Whether you need subtitles burned into your video or standalone caption files, Redmatic’s advanced tools and automation make the process fast and efficient.

Is Redmatic suitable for podcasters and content creators?

Absolutely! Redmatic caters to podcasters, content creators, and various other professionals who deal with audio and video content. Its transcription, subtitling, and content repurposing capabilities are designed to simplify their workflow and enhance audience engagement.

How does Redmatic ensure the security of my confidential information?

Redmatic prioritizes the security and protection of your content. It allows you to create unique passwords for viewers, restrict embedding on specific websites, and implements other security measures to safeguard your confidential information.

Can I edit transcriptions and translations generated by Redmatic?

Yes, Redmatic provides a fast content editing feature that allows you to easily edit transcriptions and translations. You can make corrections, modify text, and recreate videos with the updated content in just a few simple steps.

Where can I embed Redmatic player?

We don’t just provide video hosting and customizations, we also give you the flexibility to embed your Redmatic video or audio content on your website, 3rd party sites that allow embed codes. On any;

  • WordPress sites
  • Clickfunnels
  • Groovefunnel
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Square space
  • Wix
  • Webflow
  • Any CMS platform
  • Any platform that allows 3rd party codes
Can I use my branding on my video?

Yes, you can customize your Redmatic player, it’s video skins with your own custom colors, themes, logo, and branding.

Also, if you are an agency user, you can customize your own dashboard with your agency colors, logo, onboarding client URL, custom email notifications, etc.

Can I try out Redmatic first?

Sure, you can give Redmatic a try absolutely FREE. No credit card is required.

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Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We won’t keep your money when you are not satisfied with your purchase. You have the right to request a full refund for any reason at all if;

  • You purchased the annual plan and are not satisfied, you have full 30 days
  • You purchased the monthly plan and are not satisfied you have 15 days

Guess What? You can also cancel your subscription at any time. No obligation!

What language do Redmatic support?

Redmatic is a WYSIWYG tool (Your content can be of any language). For easy dashboard navigation, Redmatic supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin (China), Italian, Thai, Arabic, Tamil, Tegulu, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindu, Icelandic, Japanese, Malayalam, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Russian.

Does Redmatic work on Mac & PC?

Yes. Redmatic works for Mac, PC, Tablet, and on all mobile devices since this is a cloud-based application. It can be accessed anywhere in the world. There is absolutely nothing to download, except if you are using the Google Chrome extension for recording.

Do I get support & tutorial?

Yes, we have comprehensive guides and step-by-step video tutorials. Plus full support if you ever have questions or need any guidance.

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